DR EcoAdventures’ goal is to be 100% self-sustainable. We are a resort where there are ZERO motor activities => all excursions are human powered. The following are in place:

  • The beach pavilion is completely off the grid. Solar panel for electricity.
  • Water heaters are also solar based.
  • Water is drawn from local well.
  • Septic sewage.
  • Many fruit Trees already exist in the ecoFarm including Mango, Banana, Cacoa, Pineapple, Gunavana, Passion Fruit, etc. Actively cultivating fruit trees.
  • Actively cultivating vegetables and spices in the ecoFarm.
  • Short term objective is to cultivate poultry (for eggs and meat), pork etc. in the ecoFarm.
  • Actively cultivating Teak in the ecoFarm.

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