Horse Riding

Our horse riding adventure starts from the Beach Pavilion and lasts about one and half to two hours. We start with a ride all along the beach with the ocean on one side and mangroves on the other. Then you get to cross the Cuaco lagoon on a wooden bridge. As you cross the lagoon, you have the opportunity to see various birds in the lagoon. Then the proceeds all ride all along the winding Rio San Juan river where you see the local village and mountains in the distance on the left and the pastures with bulls, cows and horses on the right. You will be able to see our Teak Plantations along the way. If you are interested in seeing other plantations, please let our Guide know in advance. Finally you ride through our Caribbean forest where you will see a variety of terrain from low lying areas that used to be rice paddy fields a century ago to the high lying densely forested woodland. We also have an alternate interior trail that goes through our farm land where you can see bulls and cows, birds and plantations for those who prefer this option. We have both beginner and experienced horses, so please let our Guide know in advance of your riding level. If you are beginner to kayaking, please let your Guide know in advance, so that we can teach you the basics separately first.

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Adventure Safety Instructions:

  • Helmet must be worn at all times.
  • If your saddle is tilting or slipping, tell your Guide to tighten the saddle immediately.
  • Please ensure that your feet rest on the stirrup; else please ask your Guide to adjust immediately.
  • We have horses from notice to expert riders. Riders should match their skill level to the temperament and ability of the horse they ride. If you feel that your horse is too easy or difficult for your riding style, immediately let your guide know.
  • Each rider should cross the wooden bridge one at a time.
  • The trail goes through a Caribbean forest so it is important that you apply insect repellent to all exposed parts of your body. We recommend that you wear long sleeves shirts and long pants. A complimentary hat with face net is available to use if you are particularly sensitive.
  • Apply sun tan lotion before you leave the Beach Pavilion. Not as vital as bug spray thanks to foliage, but you’re still going to get burned if you’re not careful.
  • Listen to instructions of Guide and stay within sight of Guide.
  • No galloping or going off trail at any time.
  • Horses are easily spooked and these are the instances in which the majority of injuries occur. Making sure all staff and riders are aware of the dangers posed by frightened horses and what actions can frighten them can help prevent injuries. Some examples of things that can spook a horse include: Sudden or unexpected movements, Sudden changes in terrain like steep downhill slope, Loud, sudden noises (alarms, whistles, bells, cell phones, screams, etc.), Large crowds, Other animals (for example, unleashed dogs), Wasps, and other insects, Ocean waves and Camera flashes.
  • Our Guide carries First Aid Kit with EpiPen and can radio for CPR or other health emergency assistance.
  • If you fall off the horse, move out of the way of the horse, remain calm and call tour your Guide for assistance.
  • If you feel ill, call out to your Guide who will help you down from the horse & assist you.
  • If you get hurt, call out to your Guide for assistance.
  • Never mix alcohol or drugs (prescription or non-prescription) with this activity.

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