Dominican Crabbing & Fishing

Adventure Description:

Our Crabbing and Fishing adventure starts from the Beach Pavilion and last about one and half to two hours. Our Guide will start you off by explaining how the approach of using steel rods by local Dominicans works. You will then proceed to a section near the mangroves to look for crab holes in the ground. Our Guide will tell you the secret to identify which hole has a crab. Next the Guide will demonstrate how to use the steel rod to get the crab to come out of the hole. The Guide will show you how to hold the crab so that you do not get bitten by the claws. You will then get to try out the techniques for yourself. After about an hour, the Guide will lead you to the beach where he will explain how the circular Dominican Net is used to catch fish in the ocean. This is the same technique that is still used by local Dominican fisherman. Your Guide will show you how to cast the circular net in the ocean to catch fish. The Guide will show you how to extract the fish from the net without being stung any spines. Once you learn the technique, you get to try your hand at catching fish using the one of a kind Dominican fishing net. You get to experiment along our private beach to see where the special spots to best catch fish.

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Adventure Safety Instructions:

  • No one with allergies or reaction to fish, crabs or bugs should participate in this activity
  • Hat with face net, gloves and boots must be worn at all times for crabbing.
  • Must apply mosquito/insect repellent on all exposed parts of your body. Crabbing in done in a Mangrove Swamp and there are lots of insects and bugs.
  • Apply sun tan lotion before you leave the Pavilion. Not as vital as bug spray but you’re still going to get burned if you’re not careful.
  • Watch where you’re walking at all times since you will be walking on marshy ground. Don’t rush through; walk slowly and carefully. Be cautious of where each step is going to land and, when it doubt, test the next step before putting all your weight into the step.
  • Listen to instructions of Guide and stay within sight of Guide.
  • No trying to catch the crab and fish in a manner that the claws or spines/spikes can hurt. Never handle Crabs without the assistance of your Guide.
  • Our Guide carries First Aid Kit and EpiPen and we have CPR training staff available on call.
  • If you fall down, call for your Guide to assist you
  • If you get bitten or stung, immediately call your Guide for assistance
  • If you feel ill, immediately call your Guide for assistance
  • If you get hurt, immediately call your Guide for assistance.
  • Never mix alcohol or drugs (prescription or non-prescription) with this activity.

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