Adventure Description:

Our bicycle riding adventure starts from the Beach Pavilion and last about one and half to two hours. We will ride west for about fifteen minutes to our “Konuko” plantation. Konuku is the Dominican Name for a varied plantation and you will see plantains, bananas and other fruit trees. After our sort visit at this plantation, we will head east for about thirty minutes to our “Tobacco” plantation. On route we will stop by our “Bird Lagoon” where you will see the observation deck where over hundreds of birds can be spotted in the breeding season. Also along the way you will see cows, bulls and horses in our pastures as well as variety of birds. We have documented flora and fauna for those who are particularly interested in the same and you can ask your Guide for our unique booklet. And, you will see our teak plantations which take 25 years to mature. Then we will proceed to the “Cacao” (Cacao is the Dominican name for Cocoa i.e. Chocolate) plantation. Our Guide will be able to explain how we process each of our plantations. We also have an alternate trail that goes along the beach, then across the Cuaco Lagoon on a wooden bridge, then all along the winding Rio San Juan River and then through the interior roads of our farm.

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Adventure Safety Instructions:

  • Helmet must be worn at all times.
  • Adjust your seat height so that your leg is just slightly bent when the pedal is closest to the ground.
  • You can brake by pressing the pedal in reverse.
  • If your seat is slipping or brakes are not working, tell your Guide immediately.
  • It is important that you apply insect repellent to all exposed parts of your body. We recommend that you wear long sleeves shirts and long pants. A complimentary hat with face net is available to use if you are particularly sensitive.
  • Apply sun tan lotion before you leave the Beach Pavilion. Not as vital as bug spray thanks to foliage, but you’re still going to get burned if you’re not careful.
  • Never ride beyond your control whether it is in a steep downward or uphill slope. You are recommended to just walk these areas of the trail that you don’t feel comfortable riding and you should never let anyone else pressure you into riding these slopes.
  • Always, keep your speed under control. Always make sure you keep your speed at a level where you can quickly adjust to any obstacles or change in the trail. You should take trails you aren’t familiar with at slow speeds until you learn them better. Slow down around blind corners. If you can’t see past a corner you should always slow down, as you never know who or what is around it.
  • Stay within sight of Guide and listen to instructions of Guide.
  • Our Guide carries First Aid Kit with EpiPen and can radio for CPR or other health emergency assistance.
  • If you fall off the bike, please stay where you are and call for the Guide to assist you.
  • If you feel ill, stop, get off the bike, call for the Guide to assist you. Sit down on the ground if necessary.
  • If you get hurt, stop immediately and call you Guide for assistance.
  • Never mix alcohol or drugs (prescription or non-prescription) with this activity.

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