DR EcoAdventures is an ecological project designed to show the extensive and interesting biodiversity contained in the terrain. There are three well defined ecosystems:

1. Humid sub-tropical marine coastal flora.
2. Wetland with well-developed mangroves, and
3. Open areas covered with tall grass (former cattle and agricultural land). There is also a part of the land planted with Teca or Teak (Tectona Grandis).

This is not the typical beach and sun tourist project that has been developed in the Dominican Republic for the past several decades. This project is more in the line with protection and conservation programs applied to protected spaces with the National System of Protected Areas (SINAP), since the project’s goal is precisely to preserve the ecosystems and natural resources found in the project’s premises.

In order to fully enjoy the natural beauty of the project’s premises, several trails have been developed to showcase the wonderful flora and fauna on this property. One of the longer trails is to be traversed by horseback, a second is a walking trails and a third is an aquatic trail to be navigated via¬†kayaks.

The horseback trail runs along the beach, crosses the lagoon where the river meets the ocean, proceeds along the river and finally through tropical forests. The walking trail takes one to the unique bird lagoon where hundreds of tropical birds nest in their natural habitat during the appropriate seasons, and then through the humid sub-tropical marine coastal areas. The aquatic trails starts on San Juan River and when this aquatic trail reaches the river’s mouth, it turns to the left to canals surrounded by mangroves.

This study was prepared by an internationally recognized team of environmental experts who made onsite visits to the property to identify the flora and fauna that is specific to the property. The team was composed of Omithologist Mr. Domingo Siri, Botanist Mr. Teodoro Clase, Agronomist Mr. Orlando Amargos, and Team Lead Ecologist Mr. Hector M. Lopez.

The results of the study of flora and fauna including (i) Marine Species, (ii) Birds, and (iii) Flora specific to the property have been published in a booklet that can be downloaded here.


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