Nature Walk

Adventure Description:

Our Nature Walk starts from the Beach Pavilion and last about one and half to two hours. Our Guide will review our flora and fauna booklet with each of you at the Beach Pavilion first. The booklet has three sections with a section each for Birds, Marine Life and Flora. We start by walking to our unique Bird Lagoon where one can spot hundreds of birds during breeding season. Then we walk through our Teak Plantations and Open Pastures where you will see bulls, cows and horses grazing a variety of birds. Our Guide will explain our Teak Plantations that take 25 years to mature and the unique Milking and Cheese Processing in the Dominican Republic. Then we head North going past a local Dominican House where you will see how the rural life integrates with chickens, pigs, ducks and a variety of crops including sugarcane, bananas, and pineapple. Next we proceed to the Cacao Plantation. Our Guides will explain how the Cacao gets processed into Chocolate the Dominican way. Then we walk along the river where our Guide will explain the Marine Life in Rio San Juan. Finally we head west through a Caribbean forest where one can see fruit trees including Orange and Gunavana growing in the wild. Our unique booklet with the flora and fauna specific to the property can be downloaded here.


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Adventure Safety Instructions:

  • Anyone with health conditions to not be able to do a two hour walk should not participate.
  • No going off the trail at any time.
  • Stay within sight of Guide and listen to instructions of Guide
  • Must apply mosquito/insect repellent on all exposed parts of your body. The Bird Lagoon in in the middle of a Mangrove Swamp and there are lots of insects and bugs on/near the viewing deck.
  • You are recommended to wear the complimentary hat with face mesh particularly at Bird Lagoon.
  • Apply sun tan lotion before you leave the house. Not as vital as bug spray thanks to lots of foliage, but you’re still going to get burned if you’re not careful.
  • Watch where you’re walking at all times. Don’t rush through; stroll slowly and carefully. Be cautious of where each step is going to land and, when it doubt, test the path before going on.
  • Stability at all times is the name of the game. Stay away from steep areas when possible. It’s quite easy to lose your footing and slide quite a distance. If you’re walking along a creek, keep as far away from any ledges as possible. It doesn’t take much of a fall to hurt yourself, and landing in water isn’t terribly fun either.
  • Do not approach or touch any birds, animals or insects.
  • Our Guide carries First Aid Kit and EpiPen and we have CPR training staff available on call.
  • If you fall down, call for your Guide to assist you
  • If you get bitten by an insect that stings, sit on the ground and call your Guide for assistance
  • If you feel ill, sit on the ground and call your Guide for assistance
  • If you get hurt, sit on the ground and call your Guide for assistance.
  • Never mix alcohol or drugs (prescription or non-prescription) with this activity.

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