The overarching objective at DR EcoAdventures is Service. Our philosophy is not to say “no” to any client to the extent possible. We serve to custom service requests from our clients. Here are some of the standard service expectations:

  • Understanding any health conditions and food allergies of each guest prior to activity.
  • Coconut drink during excursion.
  • Each activity is unique i.e. no more than 28 activity guests since there are only 7 activities at any time (horseback riding, stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, donkey riding, nature walk, crabbing and fishing, and bicycling.
  • Friendly, knowledgeable and courteous staff.
  • Free sun screen and free insect repellent.
  • Ultra clean facilities.
  • Fully functional equipment.
  • Food is 100% natural and organic. Our cook specializes in natural and organic cooking.
  • Authentic Gift Shop.
  • Dominican Restaurant and Bar specializing in natural and organic food (sorry no alcohol prior to activities).
  • Survey sheet requesting your feedback for continued enhancement of services.

Every employee practices PRIDE – Personal Responsibility In Delivering Excellence

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