At DR EcoAdventures’ differentiator our first priority and focus is SAFETY. Here are some of the safety measures in place:

  • All guides are CPR trained
  • All guides carry First Aid Kits and EpiPens
  • At check-in, every guest is requested to inform of any health conditions and food allergies.
  • All guides carry “walkie talkies” to radio back to base in case of emergency
  • Life guard on duty at beach
  • Motor boat available for water rescue
  • Riding Helmets for horseback riding and donkeyback riding
  • Bicycling Helmets for bicycling
  • Life vest for adults and children for Kayaking
  • Life vest and Surf board leashes for adults and children for Surf boarding.
  • Hats with face nets available.
  • Gloves and Boots for Crab Catching and Fishing.
  • Health of all horses and donkeys certified by veterinarian.
  • All permits in place with Dominican Republic Government.


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